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Joyce Bass
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Nurse Practitioner Single 2 Paralee
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Cordelia "Coddie" Black
Director of Public Safety Single James
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Valerie Black
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Student Support Manager Single 2 Theodies
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Sam Black Jr
Division Manager. State of Iowa DOC. Married 3 Porter
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Shirley Black (Bullock)
Retired Married 3 Isaac
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Carolyn Black (Carter )
Retired Married Jenora
Vernett McIntosh (Guerin)
Paraprofessional School District Single 2 Paralee
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Delinda Magee (Ruck)
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Retired Married 2 Maggie
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Kimela Sanders
Teacher Committed Relationship Maggie
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Donna Woodard (Webster)
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Retired from UPS Widowed 3 Willie
Granddaughter of Willie. Daughter of Hattie Lucille and E.L. Woodard. Relocated to Pinola, Mississippi from Rockford, Il August 2016. Loving country living. Send Donna a MessageSend Donna a Message
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